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Ozone Foot Pads and Straps for Kiteboards v2 x 2

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Footpads and Straps V 2

Pack includes 2 x footstraps with screws for you twintip.

Having comfortable footpads and straps makes the difference between a
good session and a bad one. Our V2 design provides the ultimate balance
between performance and comfort to keep the good sessions rolling!

Our foot straps are ergonomically designed
featuring Ultralon Performance Foam® and plush
neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and control
while providing a precise fit. Ultralon foam has an
exceptional resistance to packing out, it doesn’t
compress over time and has an outstanding
formability enabling anatomical adaptation.
Combined with the quick and easy velcro size
adjustment, the strap provides a snug fit to all
foot shapes and sizes or wetsuit booties.
We have designed our footpads to provide
superior comfort, adaptability and strength.
The multi-density foam pads combine a shock
absorption base layer and a higher density top
layer with precise contouring and texture for
increased traction to keep your feet comfortably
locked in. The baseplate is built strong with nine
strap positions and five stance angle options
allowing for uncompromised adaptability.