Lisbon is well-known as one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Voted Europe’s Leading City Break Destination three times over the last eight years, it is self-evident the historic legacy & buzzing atmosphere of Lisbon have made it one of Europe’s most vibrant capital cities, just a short drive from some of the best kitesurfing and surfing beaches on the Portuguese coastline. A well-renowned mecca for surfing, this charming city is dripping with endless summer vibes and is a must-see destination for anyone looking to sample delicious local dishes, savor home-grown wines, and enjoy a mix of urban and beach adventure. Cheap to visit and easy to reach, Lisbon continues to capture the hearts of independent travelers hungry for adventure, couples looking for a romantic retreat, and families in search of an unforgettable getaway.
          The variety of kitesurfing spots within a short drive of the Portuguese capital deliver the promise of conditions that cater for every rider, no matter what level. Of course, some spots are more easy to learn how to kitesurf than others and this must be taken into consideration when choosing a kitesurf school in Lisbon. Additionally, unlike some of the more infamous surf spots in Peniche and Baleal (a short drive north of city), the kitesurfing scene in Lisbon is a relatively well-kept secret and it is easy to find world-class conditions without the crowds that often come with them. This is a priceless commodity when looking to learn how to kitesurf, particularly if you are looking for the best kitesurfing spots for beginners in Europe.
         The most important factors you need to take into consideration when searching for a kitesurfing school in Lisbon include the space available in which to learn, the competing crowds, favorable wind conditions and flat, shallow water. The following information is designed to give you a quick briefing on the best spots you can choose from to learn to kitesurf in Lisbon and its surrounding areas. Here we mention the most prominent spots to kitesurf in Lisbon.
Guincho Beach (35min drive from Lisbon city center):
This is undoubtedly one of Europe’s hottest summer wave spots. Strong gusty winds swing between west-north-west and north-westerly (cross-on to cross-shore) and gradually increase throughout the day. The medium to big swell and the shore-break at high tide mean this spot is the preserve of experienced riders. This is definitely the place to go for those who know how to carve up good swell! Bring small kites.
Carcavelos Beach (20min from Lisbon city Center:
Carcavelos it's well known for Surfing, Its the closest big beach near the center, and easy to hit the water just by using public transports. Not allowed for kiting on Summer, but the wind is good for kiting on Winter time when the Southern winds blow. This spot works with West, Southwest, South and Southeast Winds.
Bela Vista Beach (30min drive from Lisbon city center):
This spot is the meca for kiting in Lisbon, Most of the people love it beacuse of the super steady and consistent winds. Surrounded by charming forest dunes and beach bars. The swell is smaller than in Guincho which makes it really popular for both aspiring and experienced waveriders. The predominant wind is cross-shore north-west and will most of the time blow from 14h until 20h, Mostly good for 9m to 12m kites.
If you Looking to learn kitesurfing or rent gear check Waves4life Watersports Center. Very nice beach club with all you need to enjoy the Ocean.
Albufeira Lagoon (45min drive from Lisbon city center):
This lagoon, with standing-depth water in many parts, offers plenty of space out of season, therefore an amazing playground for beginners and freestylers due to its flat water. However, there is rarely much water in summer and it gets very tight with so many swimmers. Not recomended to kite from June Until September. But its an amaizing spot on Winter time. Works with North, Northwest, West and Southwest Winds.
Troia (1 hour drive from Lisbon city center):
If you want some outstanding clear water and perfect flat, you have to it Setubal town and get a ferry to Troia, Even if the wind don´t blow, this small penisula it´s a treasure hiden from the crowd and you will feel you are in a Paradise. To get wind you need to check well the forecast. If you have 15 knots forecast from Southwest it´s a good call to go for a try. North winds also works in the summer but blows later in the afternoon. Very gusty because of Arrabida Mountains.
Obidos Lagoon (1h drive from Lisbon city center):
As Portugal’s largest lagoon, Obidos is ideal for kitesurfing year-round. Almost all wind directions work here, even easterly winds are reinforced by nearby mountains. Home to flat water and consistent winds, the Obidos lagoon is definitely one Spot to visit during your stay. If you looking to Learn Kiting in Obidos, Please Check Kitecontrol Portugal
Peniche Baleal and Supertubos (1h drive from Lisbon city center):
Very known for the good waves for surfing. Peniche is a Fishing villa, this place is very consistent during winter for wind and waves, Works with almost all directions of wind, you just need good forecast. Be caution with rips, ask the locals for tips. If you see lots of surfers don't try to kite in midle of them, you will get trouble. The Baleal bay is very big, and with some tacks upwing you can kite alone. In the other side Supertubos is only recomended for expert riders, basically is a shore break with off shore gusty winds. Dont go in with surfers, more trouble for you. Try to speak with locals to kite there and ask them to go with you. Or just book a Private lesson with Paulino Pereira and he will help you on it..
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