Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the emerald green vegetation; this is an archipelago where two thirds are a protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located.
The springtime temperature, felt all year round, cries out for open air activities. You can go for a walk along the network of levadas (irrigation channels), visit the city of Funchal and discover the heritage associated with the Discoveries or roam freely around the island. Boat rides are an excellent way of admiring the coastline from a different perspective. But also for the watersport lovers, Madeira delivers great waves and wind all year arroud, witch means great for Surfing, Kitesurfing, Wingfoiling and Sailing.
Wingsfoil is a easier sport because of the acess can be made from a harbour.
Kitesurfing in Madeira is a bit more complicated because of the small beach and rocks, If you are a beginner we dont recomend you to kite without a professional looking for you.

For Kitesurf the Best spots are:

Praia Formosa with West wind
Santa Cruz with Southwest wind
Caniçal with South wind
Looking to the forecast it can say 5 knots, but probably you will find 15 to 20 knots on the rigth place because of the montains makes the wind stronger on the conners of the island.
The best is when you check the forecast, you need to find where the wind will be parallel to the coast.

Offshore winds dont work, and onshore also if there is a big mountain next to the spot.
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