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Flying Lines remove/install- Contact Water V4/Foil Contact Water V4/Race V4/Foil Race V4/Wakestyle V4/Compact V4 Control Systems from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

High quality lines

We go up to the next level with our new 500kg / 300kg kitesurfing lines!

The new two-color lines are made with the new SK99 DYNEEMA fiber, already used in the America's Cup. This new fiber is stronger and less sensitive to contraction and stretching! Combined with new industry leading braiding technology, it will not only maintain the original condition of your lines for longer, but will also provide a more direct feel and connection to your kite - especially a more direct and immediate bar pressure with less lag, resulting in a more reactive kite.

The SK99 fiber allows us to reduce the diameter of the line while maintaining high resistance. Our 300kg Kitesurf rear lines have been reduced in diameter, from 1.1mm to 0.9mm, maintaining the same strength and decreasing air resistance. After many years of inputs, we know that Ozone customers like our strong and thick 500kg front lines. The thicker diameter means more material to carry, but making them less prone to breaking. We have kept the diameter of the front lines at 2.2mm achieving an increase in resistance to breakage by 15%!

The color dyeing process has been improved achieving stronger and longer lasting colors. Ozone lines are now pre-stretched before braiding - this latest manufacturing technology ensures that each fiber achieves a full layer of color.
Our new two-color look makes the line easily visible on any surface and looks fresh and unique too!

We are sure that you will see and feel the difference with the latest model of Ozone flight lines.

Available lengths: 10m, 15m, 20m, 23m, 25m, 27m and extensions of 2m and 5m

The line extensions can be used on any Ozone 4 line water kite bar.
They serve to give that added boost, especially for the ZEPHYR 17m, to increase the control bar with 27m to 32m in length for the days with little wind.