Sabfoil Fuselage 663 - Kraken Modular System

Sabfoil Fuselage 663 - Kraken Modular System

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Sabfoil Fuselage 663mm - Kraken Modular System


663 mm aluminum fuselage, with T8 front wing connection type (big chord and M8 screws).

Thanks to the connection standard to the mast, the Kraken Modular System, F663K fuselage is compatible with all masts of the same range and with all our stabilizers.

The use of M8 screws for the connection to the mast and the renewed and optimized design, make the Kraken fuselage range even more resistant, while maintaining performance.

Each fuselage is processed directly in our factory with numerical control machines starting from premium aluminum, then it is subjected to a deep anodizing treatment by certified partners.

WARNING: verify the compatibility with front wing and stabilizers with us if you are not sure.

Always keep the threaded holes clean and lubricate often by using Lithium grease (code MHW033)



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